How to make your own design (Adobe Photoshop)

Create your own photo album project

If you decide to create your own project, we will make every effort to help you with preparation and the composition of the project.

Photo album projects can be created in any graphics program. For this purpose, you can also use our free program nCreator

Please take a look at the list below, which displays the required technological parameters for the spreads in Photo Album PRO. It is important, as each requirement must be met.

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Technological Parameters


Appropriate size spreads (sizes given in table of formats)

Resolution 300 dpi (pixel/inch))

Margin width of 5 mm from each side of the spread

Colour space sRGB

Format .jpg file spreads

For those who want to have full control of the colours, we provide a colour profile of our machine. It is based on a standard sRGB profile.

Download profile

Kodak Super Endura VC (silk)


How to convert?



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Create spreads for the photo album


Clean spreads (with bleeds and workspace) can be downloaded from the TABLE OF SIZES below, or create your own in a graphics program, giving them the required size, resolution and colour profile.

Photo album Pro sizes (height/width)   Spread sizes in mm
15x15   151x298
15x20 151x398
20x15 203x300
20x20 203x400
20x30   203x600
30x20   303x400
25x25 250x494
30x30   303x600
30x40   303x800
30x45 303x898
    file resolution 300dpi
file format - jpg

On a prepared backing spread you can put as many photos as you like in the layout. Remember to keep the margin of 5mm bleed, although it may not cut off during bookbinding. For this reason we ask that you fill the workspace with a picture(s) including the 5mm margin. However do not include important elements of the project inside the margin eg. subtitles, the heads of people in the photo(s) etc..


When the project spreads are ready, you should save them as a .jpg file and number them in the order as they are in the photo album, eg.



In this way you create every spread, which will consist of your photo album.

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Create the personalized cover


The next step in creating your project is the choice of cover. You will find them in the Photo Album PRO tab and in our gallery.



The method of preparation for album covers are very different from cover photos. It is therefore important to create them in accordance with the instructions below.


  In the case of albums with photo frames, you will need to prepare a photo(s) which will be placed on it. You can see the sizes of the windows below.

Line White Lady BD1 (height/width)

Window sizes in mm

20x20 BD1


20x30 BD1


30x30 BD1


30x45 BD1




Line White Lady BD3 (height/width)

Window sizes in mm

20x20 BD3


20x30 BD3


30x30 BD3


30x45 BD3




Line Black Star (height/width)

Window sizes in mm

20x20 SG3/SG5/SG7


20x30 SG3/SG5/SG7


30x30 SG3/SG5/SG7


30x45 SG3/SG5/SG7




Line Gravo (height/width)

Window sizes in mm

20x20 GR20


20x30 GR20


30x30 GR20


30x45 GR20




Line Acrylic Prestige

Window sizes in mm

20x20 AP5


20x20 AP6


20x20 AP10


30x30 AP1


30x30 AP2


30x30 AP9




Each photo should be 2mm bigger than the window (height of the window + 2mm x width of the window + 2mm), have a resolution of 300 dpi and sRGB colour space. They should be saved in a .jpg format.

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  Personalized photo covers are prepared in the following way: width of the album cover is the width of the spreads + 3cm bleed from each side + thickness of the spine. The height of the album cover is the height of the spreads + 3cm bleed from each side. The front and back covers are distinguished as a "safe area" - photos or graphics that are included on the covers will not be found on either the bending at the corner or on the spine. The safe area is the size of the photo book minus 1cm from each side.
800g/m2 - 0,86mm
Width of the album cover = width of the spreads + (number of spreads + 1) x thickness of the spreads + 6cm
Height of the album cover = height of the spreads + 6cm




Templates for the album covers (with bleeds and workspace) can be downloaded from here.

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Submit an order

After preparing your project, you need to place your order.

Detailed infomation on ordering can be found when you login to your account.

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Send your prepared photo album project to be made

You now need to send us all of your prepared files..