Photo Album vs. Photo Book

Designing a Photo Album

If you are designing in nDesigner please see Design Online.

If you are designing with our Templates, please download the appropriate template from the Downloads section. Note that you are designing spreads here. Please follow the instructions in the PDF (the PDF with instructions will be downloaded along with each template).

If you are designing in our nCreator, follow the steps above in Dedicated Software.


Designing a Photo Book Basic/Pro

We have prepared easy templates which you can download, in the Downloads section. They contain prepared bleeds and safe area.

You can create your Photo Book Basic in nCreator, access the nDesigner from your cart or use the appropriate template from the downloads section.
To create your Photo Book Pro use our nCreator or the appropriate template in the downloads section.


Designing a Photo Book in Fundy

Go to nShop, choose the size Photo Book you want to design. Click through the product as you normally would, customising it to your preferences.

Once you have customized your product, add it to your cart. Check the size of your Photo Book and download the appropriate template from the Downloads section.

Open the template in Photoshop (or any editing program of your choice) to find out the exact sizes of the template. These are the sizes you will be entering into a blank template in Fundy.

Once you have the exact sizes of the template, where the bleed area starts and where the safe area ends, open up a blank template in Fundy and enter the sizes to create a Photo Book template.


Note: Photo Books are designed by-the-page. The template you downloaded is a template for ONE page of the Photo Book. Photo Books start on the right (first page after opening the cover) and end on the left (last page before you close the Photo Book).  

When you are finished designing follow the directions to send us your files.

*Please make sure the images you use are in .jpg format., 300 dpi resolution and sRGB colour space.