Designing your Laser Etch

Designing your own laser etch

Design your project in a program that will allow you to save it in a vector file, such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Inkscape.

Your file should:

-be saved in .AI, .CDR or .SVG format.

-have the text (if any) changed to curves.

-have all lines connected/closed.

-contour all points with a double line

Our Graphic Designers can create a laser etch design for you. Please contact to discuss your project with us.


How large can my laser etch be?

Your laser etch can be any size, as long as it fits on your product. There is a margin of 1,5 cm (the safe area). For a 30x30 album, the laser etch would need to be 28,5cm  x 28,5cm to fit on the whole cover.

In the case of a laser etch on a USB, the available surface is 3,7cm x 1,5cm.


How to apply your own laser etch?

During the ordering process, after choosing a cover material compatible with the laser etch option, select ‘Self-made pattern’ after selecting the ‘Laser Etching’ option. Upload your laser etch design as well as its visualization by clicking the ‘Upload Files’ button in your cart.

Once we receive your project, it will be checked by for correctness. The cost for any additional corrections to your laser etch which will need to be done by our specialists is £10.