Photo Albums PRO

Shipped book has a fault. What are the rules for the refund?

You can apply for a full refund up to 10 days after receiving the fault product.

The return does not apply to obvious mistakes made by the user:

  • spelling and stylistic errors
  • too low resolution images used
  • design error: the size, organization, style, color and page layout


Delivery times

Current delivery times are about 8 working days (excluding Saturdays + bank holidays) once your payment has been received. Deliveries abroad can take between 9 and 14 working days due to shipping delays caused by the service company.


Can I pick up in person?

Yes, in one of our dealerships, which addresses and the data can be found in the Contact section.


How to store photo album?

To be able to share your memories for many long years, it is worth to keep our products in specially designed packages that combine functional and aesthetic qualities.
The best storage conditions for each photo album is the normal room temperature and humidity. Change in moisture content above 70%,  too high or low temperature can cause temporary bending of album pages. Restoring to original - simple appearance occurs when the temperature and the humidity return to the initial state.


What is a difference between photo book and photo album?

The differences between this two kinds of products are enormous in the
field of colors, resolution saturation and technlological proces. Photo Book is an
effect of highly advanced digital printing. It can be up to 200 pages. There are 3 possible formats. Because of its design there is no
possibility to spread it flat. Photo Album is the highest quality printing, caused by a chemical process on photo paper with spacers, thermally bonded - spread thickness 0.86 mm (800 g/m2). Photo Album can be spread flat. The number of possible formats is much greater than in the case of Photo Books. We give you the opportunity to choose how to capture your memories. Please, consider the differences.


How much will I pay?

The cost of your product depends on the number of pages, number of books, the type of cover, type of additions that you choose. Current prices can be found in here (link)