nCreator (Download)

The nCreator is our downloadable software in which you can design your Albums and Photo Products. This program is available to download in the ‘Downloads’ section for both MAC and Windows users.


  1. Download and install the nCreator

  2. Open the program, choose ‘New album’ and then choose a product from the menu on the left. Upload photos and start your design.

  3. After finishing your design, click ‘Order’. You will be redirected to the nShop to finish customising your product after the project is uploaded to our servers.

  4. In the nShop choose the cover material and choose to apply the cover add-ons available.

  5. Add the product to your basket, choose the shipment method and finalize your order.


After our specialists verify your order you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received.  Note: If you are designing a Photo Calendar Basic, design it online through the nShop.


Should you have any questions concerning the designing process, feel free to contact us.