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Photography Prints Pro

At a glance

This HD Photography Print Pro is printed on the Epson Pro 9900 with Epson UltraChrome HDR inks created specifically to work with the previously mentioned printer. The award-winning Epson UltraChrome HDR inks which allow an even wider range of tonal gradations thanks to the 10-colour ink set inclusive of green and orange inks. The wide colour spectrum delivers true-to-life prints. These 10-colour inks provide you with beautiful prints that you will be able to cherish for years to come.

Photography Prints Pro are available in a range of sizes from square formats to large panoramic photo prints and will fit any wall or photograph.




Price List

Wall Art
Sizes in cm (inches) Photography Prints PRO
Ratio 1:1
30x30 (12x12") £4
40x40 (16x16") £6,5
50x50 (20x20") £10
60x60 (24x24") £14,5
70x70 (27x27") £20
Ratio 3:2 - 2:3
30x20 (12x8") £2,5
45x30 (18x12") £5
50x30 (20x12") £6
60x40 (24x16") £10
70x50 (28x20") £14
90x60 (35x24") £22
100x70 (40x28") £28
Ratio 4:3 - 3:4
40x30 (12x16") £5
80x60 (32x24") £19,5
Ratio 3:1 - 1:3
60x20 (24x8") £5
90x30 (35x12") £12