Traditional self-mount Albums

Creativ 100% Collection

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This line of self-mount Photo Albums allows you to design every inch of the cover. Use your own graphics, photos and texts to create something unique and totally exceptional. You can choose either standard gloss or exclusive matte laminate to protect the cover.



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This collection will let you design the cover in any way you like. Photo cover makes infinite creation options. Any combination of your graphics, photos and texts... to make an astonishing effect to satisfy your customers. The product design in 100% by you. Perfect for any occasion. Classic gloss laminate in standard version or sophisticated matte one with padded cover option to sell an unforgettable photo album.

Matt cover



Cover add-ons

Matte Laminate
Standard gloss laminate can be changed to matte laminate.
Padded Cover

Padded Cover

Classic elegance. Padded cover make your photo album more endurable and gives special soft touch effect. Padded cover is slightly thicker than a standard one.


Number of pages

Number of pages

In traditional self-made album option you can choose from three different possibilities:

  • 40 single pages (20 double sided traditional leaves)
  • 60 single pages (30 double sided traditional leaves)
  • 100 single pages (50 double sided traditional leaves)
Pages colour
You can choose either white or black pages.

Price List

Sizes 40 pages 60 pages 100 pages
30x30 (12x12") £40 £44 £52
33x33 (13x13") £56 £60 £72


Available add-ons  

Add-on Price
Padded cover + £0
Matt laminate + £0
Sides add-ons Price
change of colour
+ £0
Other add-ons Price
Express service + £20
Colour correction + £0