Complete & Album Set

Complete Album Set Black Star

It has it all

The Black Star Complete Set is available as default in the Black(E4) or White(F1) leatherette cover option to suit everyone's taste. The cover leatherette combined with an elegant black acrylic plate, engraved with a precise pattern creates a fully personalised heirloom. Choose from 7 available cover patterns for your Black Star Photo Album and Box and personalise your product with a selection of add-ons.

Black Star Complete Album Set includes:

  • lay flat Photo Album with handcrafted hardcover
  • matching Album Box with lift ribbon
  • USB 3.0 stick coated in matching textile

Paper Types

Fuji Silk & Fuji Pearl Crystal Archive Digital papers which have images exposed onto them with Silver Halide Noritsu HD technology. These two paper types can be mixed together in one album. Fuji Silk or Fuji Pearl paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads in one album.

Canon Deep Matte paper has images printed with inkjet technology on the Canon DreamLabo 5000. Canon Deep Matte paper cannot be mixed with other papers in one album. Canon Deep Matte paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads in one album.

Mohawk Matte paper is a fine art paper created with natural fibers. Mohawk Matte paper cannot be mixed with other papers in one album.  Mohawk Matte paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads


Cover Substrates

COLOUR DISCLAIMER. We try to show the colours as life-like as possible, but please understand that they may vary slightly from your monitor. That’s why we always recommend ordering tangible swatches available for free in nShop (‘Demo Products’ tab).




Black Star photo albums come in seven cover patterns incorporating engraved acrylic plate on the front. Each pattern can be personalised by laser engraving, cut out window for a photo or both.

Spreads add-ons

Lay flat spreads

Pictures are the most important elements of your Album. In nPhoto we use Noritsu HD technology to prepare spreads consisting of two lay flat pages.

We make our spreads with silver paper of silk or metallic structure. This way we obtain inflexible cards with 800 gsm thickness joined together with modern binding technology. To guarantee the best quality we use the best paper on the market - Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII and Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl. In standard option spread spacers are white. In 20x20 and 30x30 sizes we can use black spacers giving you interesting aesthetic effect - cards cross sections will be black and white. In Photo Album PRO you can choose from 10 to 40 lay flat spreads with 800g/m2 thickness.

lay flat pages
Rounded corners

Rounded corners

Rounded corners not only meet a decorative function, but primarily protect spread against damage.

Rounded corners, Photo Album
Album Paper Types

Metallic & Silk Paper

Metallic (250g) & Silk (235g) papers are Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital papers. Fuji Metallic paper has a shiny, smooth structure, the colors have a higher density and it reflects light very well. The Silk paper is a half-matte paper with a texture resembling that of a fine honeycomb. It is very resistant to fingerprints and scratches. Both of these papers have images exposed onto them with Silver Halide Noritsu HD Technology.

Mix Silk and Metallic papers in one photo album.


Deep Matte Paper

Deep Matte CDL (240g) paper is a genuine Canon paper. Deep Matte paper had a true non-reflective matte surface that is soft to the touch. Images are printed onto the Deep Matte paper on the Canon DreamLabo 5000 with inkjet technology.

Deep Matte Paper cannot be mixed with Silk and Metallic papers due to the fact that the technologies are different


Black Inserts

Black Inserts

Standard white spreads spacers can be replaced by black inserts.

Black Inserts
Inside cover
Choose the color of the inside cover:

Cover add-ons

Embossed text

Embossed text

This is an option for those who like classical ornamentation. You can also customise the text by adding a foil in a selection of matte or metallic foils. This option is available for chosen eco - leather materials.

UV printing personalised

UV printing method allows to make an inscription or patterns on most of the materials in our offer. To make your own UV pattern you should prepare the files according to the same guidelines as in Laser etching in Help Section. 

UV printing example photo album
Laser Etching


The materials identified with this mark can be applied by laser etching (template text, emblem or your own design) For example: the names of the bride and groom, important days, etc.


grawer alt
Padded Cover

Padded Cover

Classic elegance. Padded cover make your photo album more endurable and gives special soft touch effect. Padded cover is slightly thicker than a standard one.

Price List

Complete Album Box
Black Star

(photo album, box and USB 3.0)

Without USB

(Photo Album, Box)

USB 3.0 16GB

(Photo Album, Box and USB)

USB 3.0 32GB

(Photo Album, Box and USB)

USB 3.0 64GB

(Photo Album, Box and USB)

Price of additional spread

(Photo Album, Box and USB)

20x20cm (without window)


£118 £144 £150 £166 + £3

20x20cm (with window)


£144 £170 £176 £192 + £3

25x25cm(without window)


£158 £184 £190 £206 + £5

25x25cm (with window)


£184 £210 £216 £232 + £5

30x30cm(without window)

£168 £194 £200 £216 + £6

30x30cm (with window)

£194 £220 £226 £242 + £6

The price includes an album with 10 spreads 800 g/m2.

Other add-ons Price
Express service £40 /per set
Page spread design service £4 /spread
Colour correction £0