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Creative 100% CD/DVD case

At a glance

What will be on the cover is 100 % up to you. This line of cases is an elegant and solid product made of strengthened, silk structured photographic paper. Photo cover option allows you to adjust both inside and outside of your case with your unique project.



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Inside of the cover

Creative 100% is very elegant form of storing your CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. These cases are made of silky photo paper which allow us to obtain excellent color. Our goal is to give your creativity a freedom! Any theme you want can be a subject for a photo cover. Inside of the case is also a place to cherish the most precious moments. You can enrich it with picture or text. Depending of your need we can prepare a cover storing from 1 to 4 discs.

Creative 100% Collection

Price List

Size Volume Price
CD Size 1 £6
2 £10
DVD Size 1 £8
2 £12
3 £16
4 £20