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This product’s greatest advantage is a very simple personalisation option. Choose one of our templates, upload your own photo and become the owner of an original case. You can customise an outside cover and left inside cover (there is no place for picture under the tray). Great quality and affordable price guaranteed. This product is digitally printed on paper with a thickness of 350g/m2. It could be also enriched with laminate. We recommend this type of cover to anyone who wants to save memories in more interesting way.


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To create your product we are using the very special paper Xerox Colortech weighting 350g/m2. We know the quality is the must, that's why we have the best printing machinery in the world! Xerox Digital Color Press 1000

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(the minimum order quantity - 10 pieces)

gloss/matt laminated
CD Size £1,5 + £0.5
DVD Size £2 + £0.5