Album Box White Lady

At a glance

The most beautiful albums require special packaging. For Photo Albums, we prepared a special packaging option which will aesthetically please even most demanding customer. Match your Photo Album cover with Album Box and create something complete. This extraordinary form of packaging will make Photo Album even more luxury and unique.

Now available to order with a USB slot. USB with your choice of capacity included. Available for the following box sizes: 20x20cm (8x8"), 25x25cm (10x10"), 30x30cm (12x12").


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White Lady Photo Album Box is available in three beautiful cover patterns. Choose from  two types of cut out windows or plain acrylic plate, each conveniently marked with series number for an easy identification.

Cover Substrates

COLOUR DISCLAIMER. We try to show the colours as life-like as possible, but please understand that they may vary slightly from your monitor. That’s why we always recommend ordering tangible swatches available for free in nShop (‘Demo Products’ tab).



Price List


Size in cm (inches)

(V x H)

Exclusive Black Star White Lady Acrylic Prestige Gravo Creative 100% Duo
15x15 (6x6") £32 x x x £48 £32 x
20x15 (6x8") £32 x x x £48 £32 x
15x20 (8x6") £32 x x x £48 £32 x
20x20 (8x8") £32 £52 £58.50 £52 £48 £32 £48
30x20 (8x12") £39 x x x £55 £35 x
25x25 (10x10") £39 £59 £65.50 £59 £55 £39 £55
20x30 (12x8") £35 £55 £61.50 x £51 £39 x
30x30 (12x12") £39 £59 £65.50 £59 £55 £39 £55
30x40 (12x16") £54 £74 £74 x £70 £54 x
30x45 (12x18") £54 £74 £74 x £70 £54 x

The above prices do not include add-ons (such as. cut-out window). Pricing for add-ons below.

Available add-ons


Other add-ons Price
Express service + £20
Colour correction + £0
Cover add-ons Price
Cut-out window
(standard finish)
Acrylic finish
(for window)
+ £20
Laser Etching £6
any pattern for 60 cm2
Embossed text + £8
Padded cover + £0
Stamp + £4
Stamp matrix + £48
(40 cm2)