How many times have you found yourself trying to explain a certain paper’s characteristics or the difference between paper types? Maybe sometimes you are not sure what paper to choose for your favorite product, or you want to switch something up and are not sure what paper to go for?

In order to make life a little bit easier, we decided to create the Demo Paper Bundle. This product consists of all our paper types packed into a convenient folder (A4 format) which you can take with you to IPS meetings. 

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Inside this Demo Paper Bundle you can find 11 paper types:

Noritsu HD Technology

FINE high-density print head Technology

ElectroInk Technology


The Demo Paper Bundle is a must-have for every professional ordering products from us. It is the best, and only way to have all our paper types on hand in a handy folder perfect to take along to IPS meeting.

Always order the correct paper with the help of our Demo Paper Bundle available now in the nShop under Demo Products.


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Demo Paper Bundle for Professional Photographers