Refreshed, Revamped, Rejuvenated Photo Book Basic

Photo Book Basic Will Now Be Printed on the New Paper Type


In the words of the fab four: “We have to admit it’s getting better,” certainly for our Photo Book Basic. This popular product just received an upgrade as it will no longer be printed on Xerox printers but instead the state-of-the-art HP Indigo 12000 on Digi Silk paper.

Better yet, the price of the product will remain exactly the same! That’s right this is a free upgrade. How can you go wrong?



Specifically, the HP Indigo 12000 boasts an impressive, modern 7-dye ElectroInk that makes it capable of providing the widest digital colour gamut available; achieving 97% of PANTONE colours.

What this means for you is the ability to achieve better projection and reach of true colours than achieved before, as well as a higher quality in dark elements. But, it doesn’t end there, in general, this printer produces higher image continuity, smoothness, and uniformity than offset quality at 1600 DPI.



Better indeed.

The Photo Book Basic is the ideal product for any photographer as it offers endless versatility and now contains an even more professional finish. Be sure to remind your clients that this book is ideal to use as a guest signing book for formal occasions, a school book to capture the passing year, as well as an affordable keepsake for a family’s portrait session.

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