Photo Book Pro now printed on HP Indigo 12000

Photo Book Pro is Now Printed on HP Indigo 12000


We are happy to finally reveal that our Photo Book Pro has been revamped!  (don’t confuse them with DreamBooks 4k printed on Canon DreamLabo 5000).

As of the October 9th, instead of using Xerox printers on our Photo book PRO we’ll be switching to the new, state-of-the-art digital printer: HP Indigo 12 000.

This change allows us to continue to offer only the absolute highest quality prints and products available on the market. The HP Indigo 12 000 uses HP ElectroInk technology consisting of up to seven liquid inks! This the ideal way to achieve that perfect photo book.

This printer with its modern ElectroInk technology offers the widest digital colour gamut available; achieving 97% of PANTONE colours.

What this means for you is the ability to achieve incredible results like never before with your photo books; especially with oranges, violets, and greens. Moreover, the change means we can achieve greater uniformity and tonal continuity on the surface of prints; higher quality in dark elements; better projection and reach of true colours; and of course- cleaner, clearer, more natural colours and tones.

Choose Your Professional Paper Type


If that weren’t enough the upgrade to our Photo book PRO also brings a choice in paper. With the HP Indigo 12 000 you will be able to choose between either Eggshell Mohawk Matt 216 g/m² or Felix Schoeller Luster 190 g/m² paper.

At nPhoto we are constantly looking to update and improve so we can continue to provide you - our clients; the best clients- the best quality available anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned and for now enjoy our new printer and improved Photo book PRO!

Photo Books Pro have a hardcover and are available in various collections (Exclusive, Gravo, Creative and Acrylic). The difference between them and our Photo Albums is that in the Photo Album pictures are perpetuated through a silver halide technology while in the Photo Book they are printed. Different is also a binding technique and contrary to the Album featuring lay flat rigid spreads, the Photo Book goes with separate single flexible pages. 

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