New ribbons in the boxes

The ribbons we have decided to incorporate are more durable and will withstand the test of time as well as the weight of our largest 40 spread Photo Album.

We provided 2 types of ribbons depending on the product and its size. As you know, there were thick 25 mm ribbons for our larger albums and thinner 12 mm ribbons for our smaller albums and photo products. Each ribbon was selected to best match the choice of leatherette or textile. The ribbons we have upgraded to have an even better colour pallette, that is why some of our textiles have received their own matching ribbons!

The new thin ribbons will be a bit wider (15 mm) due to their durability and increased longevity. Some of the thicker ribbons will now better match the leatherette or textile of your choice and their width will be 25 mm (so no change here).

We had some fun testing out the new ribbons for you, and we give you our word that they will last your customers for years to come. All your suggestions are kept in mind and we work very hard to implement changes and improve our products to be able to provide you, our customers with premium quality heirlooms that last a lifetime.

new ribbons nPhoto