Important nCreator update + we have revised all product templates

We’ve updated the templates

We have replaced our old templates. The newly updated templates, in PSD format, can be found on our web page in the Downloads section. Be sure to download them in order to correctly design your projects and avoid any misunderstandings in production.

The nCreator has also undergone a revision

The program with updated templates is available in the Downloads section on our web page. Upgrade your software and design our Photo Albums and other photo products. 

Note: Changes valid from February 16. If you happen to send us your project at a later date, please note that the old templates will not be supported. We kindly ask you to update your templates to avoid any misunderstandings concerning your designs.

How to design Complete Album Box 

To design Complete Album Box from the Duo, Exclusive, White Lady, Black Star or Acrylic collection you can use our easy online nDesigner. Simply go to the nShop, customise your product to your liking and access the designing program from the cart.